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7 Reasons Businesses Should Create Custom Antique Mirrors with Jockimo Decorative Architectural Glass

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Antique mirrors lend any commercial business a beautiful, unique, and distinguished look. Whatever your aesthetic preference, these are highly customizable products that can be tailored to your needs and specifications. Every glass manufacturer is different, but when you work with Jockimo to create a custom project within the MirrorUnique line, here are seven benefits you can expect:

1. Variety of Available Glass Types

When you opt for a MirrorUnique product from Jockimo Inc., you have a wide range of available glass options. Depending on the needs of your project, get glass in any of the following iterations:

  • Tempered safety glass*
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Leaded glass
  • Insulated glass

*As a general note with tempered glass, the tempering process can cause some distortion in the mirror. At Jockimo, we always recommend a category 2 safety backing be applied to the glass back in these instances.

2. Custom Fabrication

Antique mirrors serve a functional purpose within your commercial design, but the look of the mirror itself is always an integral part of the piece. It is simultaneously an artistic and functional element within a business.

The ability, therefore, to customize that look is important. From various finishes to the ability to implement specialty looks, such as holes or notches, custom fabrication is essential when choosing a company with which to create your antique mirror project.

3. Various Thicknesses of Glass

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In the same vein as customization, the ability to select the exact thickness of your mirror glass is an important freedom for the buyer. The Jockimo line known as MirrorUnique is available in any thickness up to one inch.

For those who require an even thicker glass, we do pair our MirrorUnique line with our ThickGlass™ line. For more information, contact us.

4. Large Sheets of Glass

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Every glass manufacturer offers slightly different dimensions and capabilities, but Jockimo’s antique mirrors come in maximum dimensions of 72” x 130”, or 6 feet by just under 11 feet. Every custom size under those maximum dimensions is available.

This is another area where the buyer has total control and customization, as long as the requirements of an individual panel are within the maximum parameters.

5. Custom Colors

A variety of color options are available when commissioning an antique mirror from Jockimo. This includes Tarnished Distressed, Distressed Silver, Copper, and Gold, but it also includes more unique and less-seen colors, such as Molten Lava in red, green, and blue.

Interested in a custom color outside the set palette? Simply contact us, and we’ll gladly let you know if it’s feasible.

6. Complementary Products

Antiques, by their nature, are often unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. When you choose a MirrorUnique product, you will work closely with Jockimo to create a mirror that complements any existing piece in your business.

MirrorUnique products are one-of-a-kind creations built to the specifications of the buyer. They’re handmade works of art. It’s not always possible, but if you’re looking to match or to complement an existing piece, we work diligently to make that a reality.

7. Beauty

If you’re a fan of the unique aesthetics of antiques, one of the simplest and purest benefits of a MirrorUnique mirror is the sheer beauty of the end product. You get the durability and safety of modern glass production techniques coupled with the distinctive and attractive patina of age and weathering. From both a design and functional perspective, it’s truly the best of both worlds.

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