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Why You Need Glass Stairs in Your Home

Sonic Corporate Headquarters Frosted Glass Treads for Glass Stairs

What Sets Glass Stairs and Glass Treads Apart?

Looking to elevate your home remodel? Want to incorporate something truly unique into your new custom build? Glass stairs could be the perfect design feature for you.

7 Ways a Glass Staircase Elevates Your Home

A glass staircase takes a functional design element and make it something interesting and striking. Here are the top reasons to invest in one for your home.

  1. Add Elegant Visual Interest

Staircases aren’t always the most beautiful of features. They’re mainly there for their functionality. (They literally get you from point A to point B.)

With glass stairs, though, you have an opportunity to infuse style and design personality into every detail of your home.

Glass is a bold, modern, sleek choice, and it can turn any staircase into a statement piece.

  1. Create a Unique Interior Design Element

Glass Treads on Glass Stairs in a Private Residence

Your home is a reflection of you. Your preferences. Your style. Your aesthetic.

If the design options are cookie-cutter and easily found in any home, that’s not a personalized representation of you.

Custom glass pieces give you an opportunity to create something truly one of a kind.

  1. Make Any Space Feel Larger and More Expansive

Because glass allows for light to pass through it, one of the biggest advantages of architectural glass products is that it can make small spaces feel more open, airy, expansive, and spacious.

With staircases made from other material, they can visually block off a space and make a narrow or small area feel even darker or more restricted. With glass, you get the benefit of the extra brightness without compromising any functionality.

  1. Infuse Luxury into Any Home

Jockimo Glass Stair Treads Exterior of a Private Residence in LA

A glass staircase isn’t going to be the right fit for every home, but for those who enjoy the sleek modernity of glass, this feature adds upscale luxury to any space.

There’s no doubt glass is a bold choice. A feature like this will often become a design centerpiece for the home.

For the right homeowner, that’s ideal.

  1. Take an Open-Concept Home to the Next Level

Glass staircases are particularly good fits in homes that already rely on an open-concept design. Having that glass feature continues the feeling of openness and keeps a visual line of sight between multiple floors.

That enhances all the existing benefits of open-concept rooms:

  • Enhanced natural light
  • Optimization of every square foot
  • Fluid transition from one space to the next
  • Promotion of social interactions, especially during gatherings
  1. Enjoy the Lifetime Value of a Glass Staircase

When you opt for glass stairs and glass treads, always choose a high-quality, experienced glass manufacturer. When you do, you’re helping ensure you get a product that proves its value over time.

  • Durability. Properly treated glass is a highly durable, scratch-resistant material. Even in high-traffic situations, glass staircases can look just as pristine as the day they were installed decades down the line. This saves you on annual upkeep, repairs, maintenance, and replacement.
  • Ease of maintenance. Glass is incredibly easy to maintain. There’s no need for expensive or time-consuming upkeep.
  • Added home value. People love natural light, and they love open-concept homes. Adding a staircase that enhances both those features can become a big selling point if and when you decide to sell the home.

One important note on safety. If your glass stair treads aren’t manufactured and designed with the proper antislip treatment, glass type, engineering calculations, or failure redundancy, you could be forced to replace that feature altogether. Vet your glass manufacturer carefully to avoid that needless expense.

  1. Get Exactly What You Want with Customizable Glass Stairs

Underside of Blue Glass Stair Treads in a Private Residence in Florida

One significant benefit of using glass as your design material is how customizable it is.

You can personalize:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Glass panel thickness
  • Patterns
  • Notching

When you work with an experienced glass manufacturer, you get a design partner. They can walk you through all of your customization options. This helps ensure your exact idea comes to life.

Ready for a Glass Staircase in Your Home?

Want to learn more about glass staircases? Have any questions? Want a ballpark quote for what the feature will cost?

Reach out to Jockimo today.

We’ve been in the custom architectural glass product business for decades, and we’re always happy to help!

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