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With Architectural Glass Products, Details Matter

Jockimo FacetGlass Architectural Glass Products

How to Ensure Your Glass Manufacturer Takes Care of the Details

Architectural glass products are an investment. The last thing you want when you commission glass stair treads or an antique glass mirror is to receive something made with sloppy, imprecise manufacturing techniques. To ensure you get even, uniform, precise detailing through your glass product, work with a glass manufacturer who pays attention to every last detail. Here’s how.

Why Is Precision with Your Architectural Glass Project So Important?

Pristine Polished Edges on Jockimo Architectural Glass Products

High-precision polished edges on a Jockimo order of architectural glass.

Whether you’re adding glass flooring or glass countertops, you want to ensure your glass manufacturer is creating that product with care, attention to detail, and precision.

This affects everything from the safety of the product to the aesthetics.

Especially with something like stair treads or countertops, it’s visually very obvious when those edges don’t line up or an exposed edge is left raw and unpolished.

Precision in the design, manufacturing, and installation phases gives you confidence your manufacturer accounted for all relevant details—both big and small.

4 Things to Look for in Detail-Oriented Glass Manufacturers

Not all glass manufacturers are created equal. Before agreeing to work with a particular company, check for these four things.

  1. High-Quality Glass Manufacturing Machinery

Without the right machinery, equipment, and tools, no glass manufacturer can hope to create highly precise, consistent, uniform architectural glass products.

The glass manufacturer you choose should have made a significant financial investment in high-quality glass manufacturing machinery.

  1. Technical Know-How to Operate the Machinery

Having the machinery is one thing; knowing how to operate it properly is another.

If you want a safe, beautiful, high-quality glass product, you need a manufacturer who knows exactly how to properly use the various pieces of glass manufacturing machinery and equipment, as well as procure, handle, and manipulate the raw materials involved in that manufacturing process.

  1. Extensive Years in the Business

Flat Polished Edge on Jockimo Architectural Glass Products

Experience with the manufacturing itself is, obviously, critical. This ensures your glass products will be fully safe and compliant with all applicable regulations.

It also gives you peace of mind that the investment you make into this architectural glass feature will be worth it.

  • Every detail will be precise and to your specification.
  • Nothing will be jagged, uneven, or unsightly.
  • The product will have longevity and durability, looking as pristine as the day it was installed, even after years of use.

Beyond the manufacturing processes themselves, you want to make sure that detail-oriented mindset also extends to every aspect of the project. This includes how to ship architectural glass without breakage.

  1. Ability and Willingness to Provide Proof of Glass Expertise (with Examples)

A glass manufacturer can claim all day they create stunning, high-quality products. You want to work with the one who is willing to back that claim up with real-world examples.

Obviously, this doesn’t have to be in-person. If you’re in a different geographic region than the manufacturer, they should be able to provide plenty of photos from previous jobs.

This will confirm the extent of their portfolio, and it will offer those detailed, close-up photos that show their precise, quality work.

Have Any Questions about Architectural Glass?

Wondering about how to vet potential glass manufacturers? Want to know what processes are essential in glass manufacturing to produce safe, beautiful, detailed end products?

Reach out to us today.

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