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How Jockimo Mirrors Blend Antique Methods and Modern Technology

Adding an antique mirror to your private residence or place of business offers a variety of benefits. Mirrors, in general, help increase the lighting within a given area and create the illusion of more space. Using an antique mirror specifically gives you the added benefits of a stately, distinguished aesthetic; visual interest; and artistry. If antique mirrors are something you’d like to incorporate into your commercial space or private residence, learn all about Jockimo’s MirrorUnique™ antique mirrors.

What Is MirrorUnique?

Antique Mirrors HR greenroom cropped

MirrorUnique is a product line of mirrors hand-created by Jockimo, a decorative architectural glass manufacturer. The mirrors utilize centuries-old techniques of mirror antiquing while also making use of the latest in glass technologies and products.

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Antique Mirror Customization

jockimo etched designs mirrorunique antique mirrors

One of the most unique aspects of our antique mirror line is the ability to truly customize each piece. We’re always happy to work with private homeowners and those in the commercial sector to create a mirror that matches exactly to that project’s specifications.

With that in mind, here are just some of the ways you can personalize and get creative with your antique mirror order:

  • Designs
  • Logos
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Gold and Silver Leafing
  • Etched Designs or Artwork
  • Various Finishes

What Makes MirrorUnique Unique?

gadsden antique mirrors 727 2000 2000 1001. Handmade Craftsmanship

Everything within the MirrorUnique line is handmade. This elevates each project into a custom piece of art.

2. North American Production

Every Jockimo antique mirror is created exclusively in North America, helping ensure certain standards of quality, workmanship, and corporate practices. This is one big differentiator between Jockimo’s antique mirrors and those of many of our competitors.

3. Replication of Mirrors of Antiquity

Within our mirror creation process, we use the finest hand-silvered glass. We then manually antique the mirror with its characteristic distressing. This helps our products accurately replicate antique mirrors in quality, workmanship, and aesthetics.

A Note about Samples and the Final Product

dean fearing antique mirror full 199 2000 2000 100

If you request a sample of an antique mirror, please be aware these samples are taken from larger panels. By the nature of these handmade pieces, there is going to be variance not only from sample to sample but from the sample to your final ordered piece. There’s the possibility of potential variation in both color and design once you receive that larger finished product.

Every handmade antique mirror is truly a piece of art, and no single sample is going to be able to fully capture the variances in distressed appearance across the entirety of the mirror.

Please use this magnifying tool we’ve created to get a sense of how one mirror can display myriad designs and patterns.

Reach Out with Questions

Interesting in learning more about antique mirrors? Have questions about their production? Design? Customization? We’re always happy to help. Contact us today!