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Jockimo HologramGlass™ : Colorful Holographic Glass

Our revolutionary HologramGlass™ is a patented laminated glass product that utilizes holography technology to create captivating reflective effects and stunning holographic glass effects! Choose from four distinct styles of holographic glass: Crystal, Sparkles, Hyperplaid and Black Ripple for an eye-catching finish. Let the mesmerizing beauty of our holographic glass bring your space to life!

Jockimo Sonic HG 1405 croppedSonic National HQ

HologramGlass™ Options

HologramGlass™ is offered in these four striking designs.

hologram anim2CrystalhyperplaidSparkleshyperplaidHyperplaidhyperplaidBlack Ripple

HologramGlass™ Project Profiles

Click on a project profile below to learn more about Jockimo HologramGlass™.

HologramGlass Jockimo Sonic HG 1381HologramGlass™ Sonic HQ in Oklahoma City

HologramGlass Misc fatdaddybar hologramHologramGlass™Miscellaneous Projects