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Peacock Glass from Jockimo

Jockimo's color-changing mirror is truly one of a kind. Peacock Glass mirror can also be laminated for safety purposes. When you walk past the mirror, it changes colors, adding a touch of magic to any space.  Peacock Glass is a member of Jockimo's DichroGlass collection - a dichroic glass which appears to change color from any angle. Available in 2 different color shifting options, this mirror adheres to a wall like any standard mirror.


What is Peacock Glass?

Jockimo's Peacock Glass is a unique type of decorative glass that is gaining popularity among architects, designers, and homeowners for its striking beauty and versatile applications. Peacock Glass is a type of architectural glass that features a blend of iridescent colors, which give it a shimmering, peacock-like appearance.

Peacock glass features a stunning, multi-dimensional effect that reflects light in a way that appears to change colors as the viewing angle changes.

Uses for Peacock Glass

Peacock glass is often used in commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and spas to create a dramatic, eye-catching feature.

Benefits of Peacock Glass

  • Interior designers and architects alike are drawn to Peacock Glass due to its brilliant beauty. Peacock glass creates a unique multicolor effect which can elevate the aesthetic of both interior and exterior architecture designs. 
  • Another benefit of Peacock Glass is its versatility. The glass can be customized to fit specific dimensions and can be cut to any shape, making it ideal for unique design applications. It is also available in a variety of color combinations, allowing designers and architects to create custom pieces that fit their specific design needs.

Jockimo's Peacock Glass is a unique and visually stunning type of decorative glass that offers beauty and versatility. Its shimmering, iridescent appearance and customizable applications make it an excellent choice for designers and architects who are looking to add a touch of drama and elegance to their projects. For more information about peacock glass or any of our architectural glass products, give us a call today.