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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Glass Flooring

What should one consider when looking for glass flooring?

Jockimo "rules of thumb" when considering glass flooring:

  1. Safety should be your #1 concern when discussing glass flooring. Only propelry tested surfaces should be used that meet worldwide (US, UK, EU, AU) anti-slip standards. (Request documentation from any manufacturer to verify authenticity.)
  2. Glass MUST meet the ASTM glass flooring standard that exists as of 2015. (Request documentation from any manufacturer through their engineering reports to verify authenticity.)
  3. Work only with an experienced manufacturer/supplier. (Ask for references and remember - safety is of #1 importance.)
  4. A structural engineer must be used to determine the make up of the glass panels.
  5. Daylighting - glass should allow for the maximum amount of light to pass. (*The use of opaque anti-slip material should be avoided.)
  6. Privacy - in public applications an obscure product should be used so improprieties do not occur. This obscure product should still allow for light to pass through the glass.
  7. Product should be durable and easy to maintain.

Does your non-slip surface meet coefficient requirements?

Yes. Jockimo is the first company in North America to be both UL Classified and NFSI classified for our anti-slip glass flooring textures. We are also the first company in the industry to meet worldwide (US, UK, EU, AU) anti-slip standards with our exclusive GlassGrit™ and GlassFrit™ products. 

What sizes are available?

Each project is manufactured per the project specifications - in turn, all panels are custom made.

Can you make shaped panels?
Yes.  We can produce custom shaped panels and many projects require this. We simply ask that you provide a CAD file for us to use when cutting the glass.  If you do not have access to CAD you can send a full sized template and we will convert to CAD - for a fee.

What is the overall glass thickness?
Thickness and make-up varies by project. Once we review your project we can suggest a make-up for you. (The standard make-up is 3 lites of 3/8" glass for a total thickness of approx. 1-1/4".) Per the new ASTM code all glass flooring products - both panels and treads - have to be made out of a minimum of 3 pieces of glass per panel.

What is your GlassGrit™ made of and how is it applied?
Our GlassGrit™ is actually as its name suggest - glass!  The GlassGrit™ size, color, and area of coverage can vary slightly due to both raw material variations and required production processes.  Each panel is hand made so these variations can occur and in turn final production glass could differ from an approved sample.

Can you make custom designs?
At Jockimo we specialize in custom designs. We can combine our various products together into one product or we can customize our frost layer or interlayer to provide a one-of-a-kind product.

Can Jockimo Glass flooring be provided as safety glass and it is durable?
Yes, Jockimo Glass has all the strength of regular glass and the majority of Jockimo textures can be tempered, laminated, and even made into insulated units.

What is the maximum size you can produce?
Our maximum size capability has more to do with maximum panel weight versus maximum panel size. The largest panel that we have produced to date is 40 sq. ft. which is around 700 lbs. The handling of large panels - both in our studio and installing on site - can be more difficult and dangerous.  Larger panels also often require more support due to deflection rates.

How much do panels weight?
Our standard make-up of 3 layers of 3/8" thick glass weighs 17 lbs. per sq. ft.

Do you provide the frame or installation?
We specialize in producing glass and in turn we only provide the glass floor panels and the engineering of the glass floor panels in conjunction with the support system - engineered by others. We are not installation experts and we do not provide the support frame/hardware. We can though make recommendations and suggestions based on our many years in the glass flooring industry. In many portions of North America we can recommend both glaziers to install the glass and metal fabricators if you require assistance.

Can you recommend an engineer to help us design our project?
Yes.  We have numerous engineers that we can recommend that specialize in glass. (It is important to use engineers that specialize and are familiar with glass.)

Why do I need glass engineering?
Glass flooring is a liability product and we will not provide anything that we do not feel is safe and properly engineered. 

How do I determine the thickness of glass flooring?
The final thickness of glass flooring panels is determined by the 1.) size of the panel and 2.) the support system for the panels. Our engineers will conduct an analysis of your project to assure the proper thickness and in turn proper safety is provided in conjunction with the designed support system.

What are your lead times?
Standard lead times on glass flooring are 6-8 business weeks from the date of order confirmation. (Please contact us if you require quicker turn around times.)

How do you ship? All Jockimo Glass is packaged in custom-made wooden crates that are produced individually for each order. Shipments are typically made by common carrier, but other shipping methods are available as well. (Additional costs for crating may apply.) All freight is shipped FOB Jockimo studio.

What are your payment terms?
50% deposit is required with order, balance is due prior to shipment of order.

How is your glass flooring installed?
Most installations will involve the use of silicone/rubber setting blocks in conjunction with liquid silicone when installing our glass flooring. The glass will be siliconed directly to the structural support system which in turn provides a secure and safe installation for all involved. We do NOT recommend ever drilling holes in glass flooring. Drilling holes can weaken the glass and increase the chance of breakage.

We recommend a non-acidic clear silicone - here is a list that we have tested as being safe in conjunction with our lamination layer and therefore recommend:

- Dow Corning 995
- GE SCS 2800

* Please note - using any non-recommend silicone will void the glass warranty.

The silicone setting strips should be glued to the steel substructure before the glass is set. The silicone setting blocks should be 60 - 70 shore. Various products can be used. CR Laurence has various products that can be successfully used. CR Laurence: 1-800-421-6144.  If you are looking for a material that fully covers the structural support, please let us know - we have sources.

There are two different ways to install setting blocks: 1.) Place a block every 6" - 12" around the perimeter on the support. 2.) Use a material that fully covers the support. The material can be cut to size and set in place. Which option to use ultimately is the decision of the glazier, GC, and end user/owner.

How does one clean/maintainADAglass flooring?
To obtain best results, a feather duster is ideal for regular day-to-day cleaning of glass. If a more thorough cleaning of glass is necessary, the following materials and methods should be used:

Materials - Soft lint free cloth (do not use coarse brown paper towels), and a non-abrasive,
non-ammonia glass cleaner. Avoid abrasive materials and solutions.

Method - Spray the cloth lightly with cleaning solution. Dab the cloth softly on the glass
surface to remove dust and lint. For more heavily soiled areas, use a light circular motion to
remove dirt. Clean all accessible surfaces of the glass.

Glass, like all other functional products, will greatly benefit from a program of routine
maintenance. While regular cleaning of the glass is the most obvious aspect of a
maintenance regimen, it is also important to inspect the condition of adjacent materials such
as grouts, adhesives, fasteners and hardware.

Architectural glass should be reviewed at least annually in order to ensure that related
components are performing adequately.

How does one work with Jockimo on a glass flooring project?
As to where to start, we will need to receive a take off (quantities and sizes) from you as well as any plans that you can send. You can e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to us. Please include any details of the structural support system for the flooring as well. Please make sure to note the panel sizes and the type of glass that interests you - Crystal Clear™, Ultimate Privacy™, Privacy Frost™ and which Jockimo walking surface you are interested in - GlassGrit™, GlassFrit™, GlassEtch™ or GlassSculpt™.