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GlassGrit_Ultimate_Privacy_Frost_-_perspective1GlassGrit Ultimate Privacy FrostOur GlassGrit™ anti-slip walking surface is the highest quality anti-slip product available. Our GlassGrit™ "beads" are permanently fused to the top surface of the glass in our state-of-the-art production process. GlassGrit™ will not fade or lose its anti-slip capabilities over time. GlassGrit™ is suitable for exterior and/or interior applications. We offer the first anti-scratch walking surface in the industry utilizing our JGlass™.

  • Crystal Clear™ is our transparent glass floor product. Originally produced via a request from Frank Gehry, Crystal Clear™ is often utilized on projects that require the ability to view through the glass.
  • Privacy Frost is simply our Crystal Clear™ product with a frosted translucent layer inside of the glass. We achieve the frosted appearance via etching an inner surface, or more surfaces depending on the desired level of frost required.
  • Ultimate Privacy™ is a translucent material that provides a high degree of modesty as well as light transmission. The bottom (lite) layer of the laminated panel is a Jockimo cast glass texture which distorts viewing through the glass.
  • Ultimate Privacy™ Frost is simply our Ultimate Privacy™ and Privacy Frost™ products combined into one product. The addition of the Jockimo cast glass texture adds an extra layer of privacy and even further distorts the viewing through the glass.

GlassGrit™ Standard Designs

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Jockimo_Crystal_Clear_comboCrystal Clear™Jockimo_Privacy_Frost_side_by_sidePrivacy FrostJockimo GlassGrit™ Ultimate Privacy™Ultimate Privacy™Jockimo_Ultimate_Privacy_FrostUltimate Privacy™ Frost

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