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Jockimo GlassSculpt™ MicroDotGlassSculpt™ MicroDotOur GlassSculpt™ products are made via a secret process and was first developed for the Observation Deck of Freedom Tower in NY. 

Our GlassSculpt™ products deliver a high level of anti-slip coefficient for interior applications and the ultimate in transparency. GlassSculpt™ is available in both standard or custom patterns. Our JGlass™ can also be easily applied to provide an anti-slip and anti-scratch walking surface.

GlassSculpt™ Designs

Jockimo GlassSculpt Barbell clearBarbell Jockimo GlassSculpt Diamond ClearDiamond PlateJockimo GlassSculpt MicroDot clearMicroDot 

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