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Overview of TRUE Colors Colored Glass from Jockimo

Discover This Revolutionary New Advancement in Colored Glass

TRUE colors Jockimo ThickGlass Examples

When it comes to the architectural glass industry, colored glass has historically been a difficult product. Color choices were narrow. Customization was limited. The aesthetics of the glass itself were not ideal. To combat these issues, Jockimo, a custom glass manufacturer specializing in architectural glass products, created TRUE Colors glass. Discover what this product is, what sets it apart from other colored glass, and why architects and interior designers are such big fans.

Everything You Need to Know about Jockimo TRUE Colors Colored Glass

What Is Jockimo TRUE Colors Colored Glass?

TRUE colors architectural glass black gray olive


TRUE Colors colored glass is a decorative glass product that is actually infused throughout with the given color. Jockimo invented a new technique to create color in glass to achieve this. No other custom glass manufacturers are currently using this cutting-edge technology.

While colored, decorative glass in interior design is nothing new, this is a revolutionary and previously unaccomplished achievement in architectural glass.

TRUE Colors currently come in seven available colors, and a customization is an option.

TRUE Colors glass can be used in a variety of architectural glass products. Currently, one of the most popular options is glass countertops.

Standard TRUE Colors Options Available


TRUE colors architectural glass amber


TRUE colors architectural glass aqua
TRUE colors architectural glass blue
Royal Blue
TRUE colors architectural glass royal blue

Black/Gray (Olive)

TRUE colors architectural glass black gray olive
Pale Blue
TRUE colors architectural glass pale blue

Sea Green

TRUE colors architectural glass sea green



How Does TRUE Colors Colored Glass Get Its Color?

ThickGlass TRUE colors Blue Glass Countertop


To achieve this infused color, Jockimo created its own proprietary cutting-edge technology.

Most colored glass today uses one of three techniques to achieve color:

  • Paint
  • Colored film
  • Color manipulation with integrated LED lights

Unlike these techniques, TRUE Colors glass is a solid piece of glass where the color is actually materially present throughout. This process is unique to Jockimo and a big step forward in colored architectural glass products.

Why Architects and Interior Designers Love Jockimo’s Colored Glass

TRUE colors architectural glass royal blue


As an architect or interior designer who works with commercial or residential spaces, you’re always on the hunt for the best, most innovative products for your clients. You want something visually striking, but you also want something tailored to that client’s needs and wants.

TRUE Colors colored glass checks all the boxes.

  • Unmatched aesthetics. Because the color is actually infused throughout the entire piece of glass, it provides stunning, superior aesthetics—no matter what angle or perspective you have on the decorative glass feature.
  • Customizable to client specifications. While Jockimo currently offers seven set colors in this product, customization is possible. Whether it’s a homeowner looking for a specific color or a business trying to match branding, TRUE Colors glass can typically accommodate.
  • Compatible with thick glass. Many colored glass options today are limited to glass products that are only one-quarter inch thick. TRUE Colors, on the other hand, can be used with glass that’s 1 ½” to 3” thick, also known as Jockimo’s ThickGlass™.

See Jockimo TRUE Colors Colored Glass for Yourself

As with many architectural glass products, the best way to appreciate the artistry, vibrancy, and nuance of each piece is by seeing it in person.

Contact us to order your sample today.

It’s a difference you have to see in person!

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