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What Car Dealerships Need to Know about AutoFloorSystems™

AutoFloorSystems tradeshow flooring Jockimo Porsche

Is your auto dealership looking for a more polished, professional, sleek way to display your vehicles? First impressions and presentation matter, especially with big-ticket items like cars. If you’re not entirely pleased with your current showroom display systems, learn all about one alternative, AutoFloorSystems™.

What Is the AutoFloorSystems™ Product?

autofloorsystems tradeshow flooring diagram

This product is essentially a 35-millimeter aluminum frame with a silicone support system and a 5/16” piece of tempered safety glass. Automotive dealerships use it as a showcase for their vehicles, meaning it’s durable enough to safely sustain the weight of a car.

(Interested? Learn more about this product here.)

8 Ways Glass Trade Show Flooring Can Enhance Your Car Dealership 

AutoFloorSystems Jockimo Lexus

  1. Customizable

    The product can match any required custom shape or size. If you’re looking to minimize seam lines, individual glass flooring panels can be created in larger sizes to accommodate.

    Custom colored glass, mirrors, and logos are all available as well. The metal comes in two color options.

  2. Safe Glass Flooring

    The glass comes with the dealership’s choice of four anti-slip options. This means the glass can safely be walked on without having to worry about employees or patrons slipping or tripping. It’s also built to safely hold the weight of a car, so patrons can feel confident walking on it.

    All glass used in this product is tempered for increased strength and safety in the unlikely event of shattering. (Discover more about tempered glass here.)

  3. Quiet (No More Squeaking)

    Some automotive showcases can squeak when they’re walked on. Once our system is installed, it’s entirely quiet. This lack of squeaking contributes to the high-end feel of the product being featured.

  4. Compatibility with Upscale Branding

    Especially when it comes to the high-end or luxury market, presentation is everything. Whether you’re selling a Porsche or any other upscale product, you want to ensure every detail the potential buyer interacts with is working toward a positive brand impression.

    Sleek, modern, elegant, clean glass flooring puts your product—car or otherwise—in the best possible light.

  5. Quick, Easy Assembly

    As a car dealership, the last thing you want to mess with are expensive, time-consuming showroom displays. This system is extremely easy to assemble and requires no special tools, screws, fasteners, or expertise. A 3’ x 3’ section can typically be assembled in as little as two to three minutes, and the end result is a product strong enough to hold the weight of a car. Step-by-step instructions come with every system.

  6. Unique to the Market

    Not only do we hold a patent on this flooring product, but it’s not like anything dealerships or trade shows widely use right now. It’s not a cookie-cutter product, and you don’t have to worry about looking exactly like the booth next to you at the trade show or presenting in the same fashion as other car dealerships.

    The heightened design aspect and customizable nature of the flooring ensure you’ll be making a statement with this showcase and contributing positively to the overall experience of anyone who interacts with it.

  7. Not a Tripping Hazard

    The existing system we replaced at the Porsche car dealership posed a significant tripping hazard. As we were creating this alternative system, we knew this was an issue we needed to address in our own design. Once our system in installed, it does not move, which limits its likelihood of tripping anyone. This also helps ensure we limit the liability of the dealership.
    Lastly, it doesn’t give the impression of a clunky or poorly designed showcase, which (even subconsciously) reflects poorly on the vehicles themselves.

  8. Versatile

    We initially created and patented this system for a Porsche dealership, but since our AutoFloorSystems™ product is essentially a glass flooring finish you can assemble, it could be used in myriad ways for other trade show flooring.

    Standard trade show flooring can run the gamut from interlocking tiles to rolled carpet to rollable padded vinyl floors. Glass offers a more refined, polished, upscale design. Depending on the product you’re featuring at your trade show, you’ll have to decide what flooring option makes the most sense. Factor in budgetary considerations, aesthetic needs, transport availability, and brand cohesion.

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